Haematology, Microbiology, DIagnostics

Building Costs: 35,000 birr | £1,000 | US$1,245

Equipment: 87, 500 birr | £2,500 | US$3110

Salaries: 60,000 birr | £1,715 | US$2135

The Clinic's aims to provide the highest level of skilled and evidence-based care, with the new laboratory significantly contributing towards this.


At present, the Clinic nurses are able to perform a small number of laboratory investigations, but these are limited by both skills and equipment available. The next step now is to fund and build a purpose-designed building that will be properly equipped, and recruit a laboratory technician to run the lab. 


This will allow us to expand the tests offered to include:





Stool Testing

HIV and Hepatitis  Testing

Sexual Health Screening 

A fully-functioning laboratory will contribute to a more comprehensive approach to diagnostics and a more targeted treatment. 

The Clinic is currently fundraising for this project on JustGiving, but would also be very interested in any offers of second-hand donated equipment:


The Clinic is currently seeking funding for this project.

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