Combining Models of Care for Complete Community Health


The Circles are daily meetings held at the Clinic, guided by our experienced nurses and midwives that offer the women of the community a safe and supportive place to come together to discuss any challenges, difficulties, successes, or questions they might have on a variety of topics...

  • Monday | Antenatal

  • Tuesday | Sexual Health and Family Planning

  • Wednesday | People Living with HIV/AIDS

  • Thursday | Postnatal

  • Friday | Sexual Violence , Gender-Based Violence, and Traditional Harmful Practices  


To foster community-led healthcare, the Clinic's outreach nurses and midwives work with families in their home setting to encourage men and women to take responsibility for their family's health, offering specialist home visits, particularly...

  • Antenatal

  • Postnatal

  • Well-family checks

  • National campaigns

  • School visits